Zach Reeder and The Rutan Catbird
Over the years we've had the priveledge to meet some very interesting customers. Back in 2010, we got a call from an RV-8 builder looking for seats. It turns out this guy was Zach Reeder, one of the engineers at Scaled Composites (he's been involved in some of their very high profile projects). We chatted a little, I took his order, and that was that.
About a year later, I got an email from Zach explaining that he was getting Burt Rutan's Catbird back in flying condition, and asking if we would like to be involved by providing seats. It sounded like a fun project, so we made some custom seats in time for the plane's appearance at Oshkosh.
Just recently Zach flew Catbird to Set a 5000 Km closed course speed record at 211 mph. The record attempt required him to design and construct extensive modifications to the plane. The run also required 16 hours sitting in one place!
Check out the pictures and video below:
Zach and the Cat
Catbird fitted with ER tanks for record attempt
Engine testing before returning Catbird to flight (2011)
Classic Aero seat cushions installed in Catbird pilot seat (AKA 'catbird seat') in preparation for test flights.
Second 'first flight' flown by Mike Melvill (2011)
Catbird pilot seat before shipping back to Zach (2011)

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