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What Is This?
This is the home page for what will eventually become our aircraft interior knowledgebase. The goal of the knowledgebase is to compile a group of articles that users will find informative on the subject of homebuilt aircraft interiors.
We plan to add a new article approximately once a month. This page will serve as a simple table of contents for the articles that have been added so far. We will also include a link to the newest article in our monthly e-newsletters. We may periodically update articles to improve or add to the original information.
The motivation for documenting this information is mainly efficiency. We pass along bits and pieces of information to customers every day. Most of the advice and suggestions we offer come from experience we have gained over the years. We usually can't cover every detail on a subject during conversations with customers. By posting the articles in this way, we hope to provide more complete information to more people.
We hope you find this information helpful, and that it will ultimately make the experience of building your own aircraft more successful and enjoyable.

(10/29/2007) Design Your Interior

(1/31/2008) Cushion Foams

(6/16/2016) Embroidery

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