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Stan Hodgkins, RV-7A
United Kingdom
Date Added: 08/24/17
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Jim Ellis, RV-7A
Flower Mound, TX
Date Added: 6/15/17
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Alberto Belfiori, RV-9
Fano, Italy
Date Added: 2/17/17
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Steve Hurlbut, RV-6
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
Date Added: 1/6/17
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Kelley Clark, RV-7
Winter Haven, FL
Date Added: 11/18/16
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Trevor Conroy, RV-7
Aurora, OR
Date Added: 11/14/16
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Hermann Schiele, RV-8
Date Added: 11/4/16
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Frank Owens, RV-7
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Date Added: 10/14/16
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Bernd Goretzki, RV-7
Near Berlin, Germany
Date Added: 10/07/16
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Darrell Bivens, RV-7
Pearland, TX
Date Added: 09/30/16
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Monte Dauncey, RV-7A
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Date Added: 09/21/16
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