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What are your current lead times?

Do your seats have Confor foam?

When I buy your stickboots do I still need to fabricate the stickboot rings that are in the plans?

Can I add or remove items from one of your "Packages" ?

Can I choose a color combination that is different from the ones shown on your website?

Can I send in my own materials to cover your interior items?

Can I purchase your interior items without upholstery?

Can you make custom items that are not listed on your website?

Do you make interior items for aircraft models that are not listed on your website?

Do you offer interior items for the RV-10?

The shape of your RV-6/7/9 Aviator seat looks different. Has the frame been changed in some way?

Do you use FAA certified materials for your upholstered products?

How much do your interiors weigh?

Does the choice of materials affect weight very much?

Why are your interiors more expensive than others?

Does it cost less to buy items in a package?
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